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Pictured (L to R): Bruce Bruce, Chris Aylmer, Thunderstick, Paul Samson.

At the time of their first recording, pioneering New Wave of British Heavy Metal group Samson consisted of guitarist Paul Samson, bassist Chris Aylmer, drummer Thunderstick (real name: Barry Graham; concealed his identity by wearing a gimp-style mask), and vocalist Bruce Bruce, better known as Bruce Dickinson.

The group got most of its attention playing with Iron Maiden, but this backfired when Bruce Bruce left Samson to join them, adopting his real name (the pseudonym was a joke conceived by other members of the band and their management that Bruce was never entirely comfortable with). Thunderstick had also left the group at this point and the band underwent several personnel turnovers over the course of the '80s.

The band Samson has recorded and toured under numerous other names throughout the years including Paul Samson, Paul Samson's Empire, Metallic Blue, and Joint Forces.

Note: Samson made an appearance in the 1980 horror film The Incubus.

Compilation Appearances
- 'Take it Like a Man' on Metal Explosion of the Friday Rock Show (BBC, 1980)
- 'Hard Times' on Heavy Rock (K-Tel, 1980)
- 'Tomorrow or Yesterdays' on Metal For Muthas (EMI, 1980)
- 'Earth Mother' on Axe Attack Vol. II (K-tel , 1981)
- 'Test of Time' on A Little Bit of Light Relief (Polydor, 1982)
- 'Losing My Grip' on Metal Treasures and Vinyl Heavies (Action Replay, 1984)
- 'Koz' and 'I Wish I was the Saddle of a Schoolgirl's Bike' on Hard Rock Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt, 1984)
- 'Mr. Rock and Roll' on A Bolt From the Black (Thunderbolt, 1984)
- 'Riding With the Angel' on Giants of Rock - The Metal Decade 1980-81 Vol. 1 (Teldec, 1990)
- 'Riding With the Angels' on Heavy Hammer Hits IV (Teldec, 1990)
- 'Vice Versa' on New Wave of British Heavy Metal '79 Revisited (Metal Blade, 1990)
- 'Riding With the Angels' on The Metal Box (Knight, 1991)
- 'Riding With the Angels' on Good Times - Rock & Pop 1955-1985 (Repertoire, 1992)
- 'Riding With the Angels' on Wayne's World Hits (Edel, 1992)
- 'Riding With the Angels' on Metal Hammer Presents Metal Masters (Edel, 1993)
- 'Riding With the Angels' on Metal Heart (Ariola Express, 1993)
- 'Red Skies', 'Driving With ZZ', and 'Riding With the Angels' on British Steel: Heavyweights of Metal Live & Loud (Music Collection, 1998)
- 'The Shuffle' (1977 demo)' on Origins of Iron (Watch Out, 2015)
- 'Earth Mother' on NWOBHM Thunder - New Wave Of British Heavy Metal: 1978-1986 (Hear No Evil Recordings, 2020)

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