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Using The Wall may look hard but it is fairly easy if you have ever used a web editor (can be hard using mobile due to lack of hovering hints)

The basics:

1. Add Video/Audio - just copy the link of the video and paste into the editor - supported sites are:

Provider | Host Names

CodePen | codepen.io

DailyMotion | *.dailymotion.com

Deviantart | *.deviantart.com

Flickr | flickr.com

GettyImages | gty.im

Gfycat | gfycat.com

Giphy | giphy.com

Kickstarter | kickstarter.com

Livestream | livestream.com

Meetup | meetup.com

Reddit | *.reddit.com

Scribd | scribd.com

Slideshare | *.slideshare.net

SoundCloud | soundcloud.com

SpeakerDeck | speakerdeck.com

Spotify | *.spotify.com

Ted | ted.com

Twitter | twitter.com

Vimeo | vimeo.com

Youtube | m.youtube.com

You can also use EMBED from the video provider share links but you must use <code> tab within the editor.

2. Add Images - just look for the image icon in the editor (bottom row) and either use a link to an image or upload your own and insert.

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