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Artist: Mortal Sin
Released: 1987
Genre: Thrash Metal
Plays: 39
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Last Played: 2023-04-23 10:03:08

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Mayhemic destruction, death's the call Crushing with abduction, wants to kill them all Eternal devastation, oozing with pain Manifestation, live for Satan's reign Mayhemic destruction! Total distortion, blood from your ears Living with abortion, memories disappear Facing your destiny living just to die Christian immunity reaching for the sky Mayhemic destruction! People fleeing cause they're scared Yet no place to go Fire and brimstone in your blood Fuck who told you so Take your heart, send it down to a firey death Got no chance to live, we drain out your last breath You were warned of this Your unholy book Devouring vermin destroy a corpse Dare you take a look Armageddon went too far What is left of life Pity up there in heaven You missed your cut of a knife
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